Our Mission

Raising awareness of environmental rights and issues to promote environmental and climate justice locally and regionally

Our Vision

Leader Center for Environmental Legal Awareness

Why us.


First goal

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Second goal

Improve legal environmental protection in legislative, judicial and executive terms.

Third goal​

Strengthen effective partnerships and discourses, locally and regionally, to reach environmental and climate justice goals.

Fourth goal​

Improve stakeholders’ skills to advocate environmental rights.

Fifth goal​

Frame the legal responsibility for environmental violation and endorse it legislatively and judicially

Sixth goal

Establish a specialized environmental judiciary

Who We Are.


Dr- Mohamad Eyadat
PhD in international environmental law, Lecturer at a number of Jordanian public and private universities, Expert in environmental strategic analysis locally, regionally and internationally
Dr- Nada Hamdan
Administrative Director
Manager of Althunaeyah for Development and Consulting, Family and psychological counselor, Training and development expert for the American Trenburg Academy
Dr- Ahmad Kouri
Administrative board member
PhD in English literature, Academic at Jerash Private University, Environmental activist
Ali Muhareb
Vice President
Regular practicing lawyer, Environmental law activist
Majed Alkhatib
Administrative board member
Bachelor's degreeInformation Technology, Communication and information technology expert, Environmental activist
Dr- Bayan AlOdily
Administrative board member
Sajeda Farhan
Administrative board member
Bachelor of Business Administration, Technical trainer, Art Entrepreneur in Recycling

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