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Conclusion of the 1st phase of the “Administrative Restructuring of the Environmental Justice Sector in Jordan” project

The National Center for Environmental Justice (NCEJ) concluded the first phase of the implementation of the “Administrative Restructuring of the Environmental Justice Sector in Jordan” project, funded by the French Embassy, ​​which was entitled “Procedures for Pleading Environmental Cases before the Specialized Jordanian Courts (Lawyers Round) Level I and Level II.” NCEJ The first level […]

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Negotiators at COP27 Strike a Deal on Loss-and-Damage Fund for Vulnerable Countries

The fund would target the most vulnerable countries, delegates said, a key demand from wealthy nations that didn’t want money flowing to China and other higher-income countries. NCEJ Negotiators at United Nations climate talks struck a deal Saturday to set up a fund that would pay for climate-related damage in vulnerable countries, officials said, handing […]

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COP27: Day 11

The closing event of “COP27, OR NOT, Action Agenda: Progress & Priorities. NCEJ Launch of the Presidency Initiative Low Carbon Transport for Urban Sustainability (LOTUS) aimed at decarbonizing the global urban mobility landscape.  Following a multi-stakeholder consultation process convened by the Egyptian COP27 Presidency, the global transport community affirmed the need to create highly tailored, […]

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COP27: Day 10 Nature

Nature is the planet’s greatest asset. Not just for its beauty, but the fact it’s integral to our survival. NCEJ Only by taking urgent action to halt and reverse the loss of nature this decade, can we hope to achieve the promise of the Paris Agreement. Since COP26, approximately USD 11 billion has been committed […]

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COP27 Day 9: Energy

The imperative to power up the transition away from fossil fuels has never been greater. Currently, only 29% of global electricity generation comes from renewables, but given electricity generation accounts for 23% of global greenhouse gas emissions, we have to move further and faster to increase our global renewable power capacity by 2030. NCEJ The […]

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COP27 Day 7: Water & Gender

Climate change impacts are often felt through water. Too much or too little can be equally damaging. From devastating drought in Somalia, to deadly floods in Pakistan, this year millions across the globe have suffered both extremes. NCEJ The fact that those experiencing the greatest losses have done the least to cause them is the […]