Under the patronage of Her Highness Princess Basma Bint Ali, the National Center for Environmental Justice launched the “One Million Ecological Print” campaign under the slogan My Eco-Print, through a workshop “The Path to a Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Consumer Society” parallel with the occasion of World Environment Day in the campus of the Middle East University.

The workshop was held in the presence of the respected Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Middle East University Dr. Yaqoub Nasser Al-Din, The University’s Advisor for Legal Affairs Prof. Dr. Anis Al-Mansour, The representative of the Ministry of Environment Mr. Abdul Majeed Khabour, The Director of the Royal Administration for Environmental Protection Brigadier General Fakhri Al-Qatarneh, the Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Nisreen Qatamish, and the CEO Qistas Legal Technologies Company, a number of relevant personalities, deans of faculties, and university students.

Besides, the chairman of the National Center for Environmental Justice, Dr. Mohammad Eyadat, moderated the event. It included many activities, speeches, and demonstrative videos on the importance of the campaign and its impact on environmental awareness among citizens.

In turn, His Excellency Dr. Yaqoub Nasser Al-Din asserts the importance of the environment, and what the Middle East University is promoting the concept of environment and sustainability in its agenda. Today, as it becomes increasingly important to prioritize environmental issues around the Glob, Jordan was and still in the forefront of those interested in environmental issues of all kinds and levels.

In the same context, Abdul Majeed Khabur as an Assistant Secretary-General for Technical Affairs in the Ministry of Environment and the representative of the Ministry said that: it is necessary to cooperate with governments, non-profit organizations, and industry leaders to develop and implement effective regulations, incentives, and strategies to reduce plastic production and encourage recycling and responsible waste management practices. He indicates that The Ministry supports and encourages initiatives that aim to reduce the use of plastic in various sectors, including partnering with companies to develop alternative packaging materials, supporting retailers who adopt plastic-free practices, and encouraging consumers to make the right choices by promoting reusable alternatives such as cloth bags, stainless steel bottles, and friendly environmental packaging.

Furthermore, Ms. Nisreen Qatamesh, Executive Director of Al-Hussein Foundation, said that it is necessary to work with our partners and advocates of the environment issue to create a supportive political environment for everything related to sustainability pointing particularly to the transformation that we witness today as a national priority. She mentioned the initiative that King Hussein Cancer Foundation had launched “With The Environment Against Cancer” to raise public awareness of the impact of climate change on health and cancer in particular, where it promotes friendly environmental behaviors that contribute to sustainability efforts and cancer prevention at the same time.

Also, Ms. Nisreen Haram, the director of Qistas Company, illustrated that environmental legislation serves as standards and systems for controlling pollution and protects public health, which sets limits on emissions from industries, promotes waste management practices, ensures air, water and soil quality, improves living conditions, and promotes environmental justice. She referred to the role played by the Qistas in the field of environmental laws and legislation.

In the same context, Mahmoud Nasser, Director of the Department of Strategic Development and Administrative Affairs at “Environmental Justice”, reviewed the most important facts and exposed some figures about pollution in Jordan, and the legislative development of environmental laws and regulations.

Finally, Nasser defined the importance of the national campaign launched by the National Center for Environmental Justice under the title “One Million Environmental Prints” and its motto “My Print-My Environment”.  It aims to stimulate the consumption behavior of citizens to be sustainable and environmentally friendly and to create an environmental print that has a positive impact on people.

Note that the One Million Environmental Prints Campaign will be launched in mid-July, through an application installed in smartphones, which contributes to promoting the concept of sustainable consumption among citizens, and will be announced through various media channels.

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