A Million Ecological Print Campaign Reaches Ajloun

Continuing to expand its base of partners from the public and private sectors, the Municipality of Ajloun hosted a delegation from the National Center for Environmental Justice (NCEJ), in the presence of the Assistant Mayor of Greater Ajloun for Regional Affairs, representing the Mayor Mr. Mohammed Al-Qudah, the Director of the Environmental Directorate in Ajloun Governorate, Dr. Mashal Fawaz, a representative from the Ajloun Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Tourism, local department directors, and several owners of tourist resorts and private sector representatives. The National Center team presented the goals, objectives, implementation mechanisms, and official launch plan of the campaign in all governorates of the Kingdom.

The aim of this campaign is to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption by expanding the base of partners and supporters from both the public and private sectors, especially the commercial services sector, which has a significant impact on improving the quality of the environment and its effect on the lives of citizens. The initiative encourages consumers to commit to environmental conservation practices when shopping at commercial stores.

The attendees expressed full cooperation to ensure the outstanding success of this national campaign, which promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption. This is particularly important in the Kingdom’s major tourist areas, which attract both domestic and international tourists and require concerted efforts to preserve Ajloun’s green environment and promote it as a civilized tourist destination in Jordan. One of the goals of this campaign is to promote environmentally friendly behaviors and practices and encourage them, whether among the local community or tourists, as they reflect the preservation of the essential components and elements of promotion and tourist attraction, aiming to maintain a healthy, clean, and safe environment for all residents and visitors of Ajloun Governorate.


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