The Advisory Committee Meeting for the Professional Empowerment Project for Women in Aqaba City

The National Center for Environmental Justice (NCEJ) Holds the First Meeting of the Advisory Committee and Trainers for the Project ‘Women’s Empowerment through Enhancing Environments, Capacities, and Practices of Eco-Tourism Service Providers in Aqaba City’, funded by the United States Agency for International Development USAID – Makani Project. The meeting discussed the mechanisms for implementing the project, its objectives, stages, and the planned activities during the project’s duration. It also addressed the training topics for the targeted groups, with experienced trainers and consultants in the fields of law, tourism, sustainability, and strategic planning.

The project aims to enhance the tourism sector’s adaptation to green tourism requirements and create new job opportunities that align with the aspirations of women in Aqaba City to work in the sustainable tourism sector. This will be achieved through developing or improving internal systems and policies of establishments in the tourism sector to create a more conducive environment for women’s employment in Aqaba City. The project also aims to empower youth, especially women, in Aqaba City to engage in the sustainable tourism job market, develop the tourism sector’s orientation towards complying with international green tourism accreditation standards, prepare a professional guidance manual for those working in the tourism sector in Aqaba, and develop a special program for governing the environmental practices of tourism sector companies (ESG), to chart a roadmap for sustainable tourism in Aqaba City.

The meeting was attended by members of the Advisory Committee and Trainers, including:

  • Dr. Suzy Buran, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Archaeology at Al-Ahliyya Amman University.
  • Dr. Ayman Harb, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Jordan – Aqaba Branch.
  • Dr. Mohammed Eyadat, Chairman of the National Center for Environmental Justice.
  • Dr. Nada Hamdan, Training and Development Consultant at the National Center for Environmental Justice.
  • Ms. Nermine Abu Shawish, Media and Environmental Expert Consultant.
  • Ms. Marah Ayash, Sustainability Officer at the Jordan Kuwait Bank.
  • Ms. Dina Qutaishat, Women’s Empowerment and Labor Policy Expert.
  • Mr. Younis Sultan, Strategic Planning Expert.
  • Mr. Mahmoud Nasser, Project Manager.
  • Eng. Dania Al-Omari, Project Coordinator.

During the meeting, Dr. Eyadat, the Chairman of the NCEJ, gave a comprehensive presentation on the vision and objectives of the project, while Mr. Mahmoud Nasser, the project manager, presented detailed plans for implementation and upcoming stages. Consultation was held on the project’s implementation mechanisms by the Advisory Committee and Trainers.

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